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Antacid Medicines

We deal in a range of Antacid Medicines, which includes Adpanta 40 Tablets and Kkool DSR Capsules. These Medicines are formulated in compliance with the international standards of quality. They are endowed with requisite strength to stand mechanical shock. They are further characterized by physical and chemical stability. Moreover, our competency lies in supplying them throughout the country enclosed in safe packages. This is how we are reckoned among the foremost Suppliers of Antacid Medicines in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Adpanta 40 Tablets

Adpanta 40 Tablets are reckoned as the best controllers of gastric acid’s unchecked release and are appreciated for being highly efficacious in the NSAID-induced gastritis case. Plus, they are good proton-pump inhibitor. What else is desired from an Antacid Drug! Moreover, they are chemically and physically stable for


Kkool DSR Capsules

Kkool DSR Capsules are filled with a formulation that contains Rabeprazole Sodium and enteric-coated SR pellets of Domperidone, which makes them one of the most suitable Antacid Drugs for the GERD patients. The entire production and packaging processes of Kkool DSR Capsules is kept in line with international standards of